The Flying Instructor (Restricted) Certificate

A Flying Instructor (Restricted) Certificate allows you to instruct for the NPPL Microlight Licence under the supervision of a Flying Instructor.

A FI(R) Certificate is valid for 3 years and is type rated Three Axis or Weight Shift.

The minimum flying experience needed before starting a FI(R) Course is 100 hour as PIC, minimum 40 hours of which must be on Microlight aircraft, 5 hours of which must be on the aircraft type to be used for the course.

In addition you must have had an unrestricted PPL or NPPL Microlight Licence.

Before being accepted on the FI(R) course you must pass a pre-entry test that consists of a Flight Test and a written exam. The pre entry tests are valid for 6 months.

The FI(R) syllabus

  • A minimum of 15 hours flying training as a student FI(R).
  • A minimum of 40 hours of ground training to include teaching methods and techniques, lectures on the subjects required in the BMAA syllabus and the pre-flight briefings for the flight training.

Please note these hours are a minimum requirement only

There are no short cuts to competence. The course is demanding in terms of both time and effort.

On completion of the course you need to pass the FI(R) Certificate Test conducted by an independent Flight Instructor Examiner.

Time Schedule

It is more beneficial to you to complete the course within a reasonably short period to ensure continuity - the courses can be adapted, within reason, to suit your time schedule.


Courses can be done on our C42, CFM Shadow or your own aircraft if it meets the requirements. Please contact us for the current prices.

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