Spirit of Aerolite, Sunday 8th May 2011

A celebration of the lives of Barry Gordon and Steve Weston

Dear Friends, Just wanted to let you know that the day is starting to take on a beautiful shape. The attending response todate has been wondereful, as has the cry for a bit of help ! Looks like good music, good photos, good friends and more are making the magic for a great day. The Aerodrome opens at 0830 (for those flying in) and a few of us will be at the Shadow Flight Centre from 0900 setting up for the day. We expect the event to run from 1100 to 1600 hours. Light refreshemnts will be served during this time and would like to let everyone know that there is an Aerodrome Cafe on site for those who need a refill. Looking forward to the day! Susan

For those flying in do PPR Old Sarum Airfield on 01722 322525 or online at Any clarification neeed or concerns on procedures call Fiona or Raymond on 01722 410567. Car parking on site is in the airfield’s car park , turn right at the NE end of Hangar 3 and then turn left into the car park.

Spirit of Aerolite is a special celebration taking place at the Shadow Flight Centre at Old Sarum airfield on May 8th.

Aerolite at Long Marston was one of the pillars of the early days of ultralight aviation.

Credit for this was due to the unique people that made it so very special and with ‘Spirit of Aerolite’ we will celebrate the lives of Barry Gordon and Steve Weston.

Their footsteps may well have faded from this world, but for those of us that had the privilege to first spread our wings under the guidance of these larger-than-life characters, they haven’t really left and their spirit is now free from the burden of landing.

Barry, the one and only Barry Gordon, with his love of life and with a vision of all that is beautiful in the world, so well articulated in his ‘stars and stripes’ drawl, was and will remain an inspiration for life and a source of optimism against all odds.

Steve, with his love of flying as an artistic expression created an art that was an inspiration to all – flyers and non-flyers alike. Not that his artistic gift prevented Steve being practical, he could turn his hand to renovating mechanical machinery to perfection – just like he could impart the art of flying to the many that were lucky enough to have had him as a tutor.Please come to the Shadow Flight Centre, Old Sarum Airfield on Sunday May 8th – there will be drinks, opportunity to get food, plenty of people to reminisce over old tales and occasion to think of a few new ones. A flying tribute will be taking place if the weather is kind, but this is a celebration that will be happening – if you can’t fly in – drive, ride or hitch, but please do come and join us. Further information will be available at . If you are coming, which we hope you are, please let us know through [email protected] as this will help us a great deal – we need to know numbers.

Delia and Sam Weston will be with us for this very special occasion and for the first time in many long years Sue Gordon will be here from the USA. Manuel Queiroz

Shadow Flight Centre, Hangar 3, Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury, Wiltshire. SP4 6DZ
Tel: 01722 410567 email: [email protected]