NPPL Training

NPPL Flying Training

The Shadow Flight Centre offers a fully comprehensive range of flying training.

  • Air Experience flights which introduce you to the Shadow and flying.
  • Full training leading to the NPPL Microlight licence, in the school’s aircraft or in your own Shadow Microlight.
  • Training for Disabled Pilots on the Aviation for Paraplegics and Tetraplegic Trust’s adapted Shadow aircraft
  • Assistant Flying Instructor Ratings, Instructor Refresher Courses.
  • Conversions and advanced training on the Shadow aircraft.
  • Ground and Flight examinations for the issue of NPPL Microlight licence and CAA Instructor Ratings.

NPPL Microlight Licence Requirements

The syllabus for the NPPL Microlight licence includes both Flight and Ground School Training on an approved course of training with a Qualified Flying Instructor. The syllabus is concluded by a General Skills Test (GST) conducted by a Civil Aviation Authority authorized Examiner.

Instruction can be given either on your own aircraft or on the School’s aircraft.> To conform to the current legislation all students are required to be members of the Flying School’s Club, The Shadow Flying Club.

Flight Training

Unrestricted Licence

Minimum of 25 hours flight training of which 10 hours must be flown Solo. The syllabus also includes a minimum requirement of 5 hours Flight Navigation to include two solo cross-country flights with out landings at other airfields.Restricted Licence

Minimum of 15 hours flight training of which 7 must be flown solo.
The limitations of the restricted licence are –
Can only fly when the wind speed is below 15 knots, visibility in excess of 10 kilometres and the cloud base above 1000 feet. As you have not completed any navigational training you cannot fly more than 8 nautical miles from your take off site.

Ground Examinations

There are five written examinations and one oral exam to be passed for completion of the licence. The oral examination is usually examined at the time of the GST and is specific to aircraft type. The written exams are as follows:

  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Aeroplanes Technical Part 1
  • Air Law

Ground school is available to suit the individual’s needs, from full training to revision and mock exams. The School has in stock all necessary study books and supplies.

Medical Requirement

A Medical Certificate is required before you can fly solo. This certificate is a self-declaration of fitness countersigned by your local GP, equivalent to the HGV driving license medical.

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